A Poet’s Soul

your words,
scattered through
the universe
with sparkling ink,
form beautiful
p   o   e   t   r   y,
each unique syllable
shimmers in the
night sky,
to humankind
the essence
of your valiant soul

*For My Valiant Soul and her uniquely moving poetry, and for the Daily Post prompt, ‘shimmer

The Somnambulist Soul

each night
i drift in restless slumber,
my soul rises
and walks forever
among the weary travelers
searching for homes within the stars,
in hopes of catching a glimpse
of your radiant aura

each night
i return from
my state of quiescence
empty and sad
but hopeful that
the next time
i will find you

Holding Hands

i held your hand
the day we met

i held your hand
the day we married

i held your hand
the day we gave birth
and kept holding it
as we said good bye
to the baby
we would never
come to know

i held your hand
when we walked in the park

i held your hand
when we danced

i held your hand
when you received your diagnosis

i held your hand
when you were lying in wake

i will never
let go


you watch me
folding clothes,
placing each item
haphazardly into
an already overstuffed drawer

you sigh
when i place
two socks together
and stuff one into the other

you roll your eyes
when i fail to align
the seems in my shirt
before i fold it

and you mumble –
something i can’t quite make out –
when i push the drawer in
and it won’t go all the way
because my underwear
has wedged itself
between the drawer lip
and the dresser

“it’s how i’ve always done it”,
i exclaim,
“and just because
you are no longer here
doesn’t mean i have to change
a single thing”