A Love Conspiracy

i had no idea
while i was admiring you
that Heart and Soul
were conspiring
against Sadness

before i knew it
Heart had packed
its bags
and was thumbing
its way
to you



gnashing teeth bloodied
on a tapestry of innocent emotions
the essence of evil’s spawn oozing
in the cacophony of pins and needles
freezing the slipped-disc spinal column of
dreams turned nightmares
as screaming eyes bulge tears
to tear the chest cavity open
exposing the depths of hell where demons
feast on shreds of whatever it was
that lay hidden there in the first pace

Last Night (In Blank Verse)

*For she who has captured my heart, slayed my demons and changed my life.

winking there within your devilish grin
thoughts of last night’s tryst go sauntering by
soft, lingering scent of passionate love
wafts through the air and deep within the heart

wrinkle-puffed sheets upon a pillowed bed
whisper the erotic tales written for
two star-eyed lovers whose hearts seek to mend
entwined forever in each other’s soul

deep let me dip my pen in lover’s ink
scribble words of ecstasy on dark skin
create the memories of love anew
where heated tales are written in blank verse