Scared (A Senryu)

hiding in the dark
bent in fetal position
Heart clutches itself

*For the Daily Post prompt, clutch



we are all
planets, collections of Lilliputian
grains, microscopic in
essence, clinging to one
another to form celestial
bodies that revolve
around the thermonuclear
souls at the centers of our
solar systems sharing
space with other souls in
galaxies billions of years
old, refined to reflect
the movement of
time, the evolution of
our external shells,
while our
cores, carrying our chemical,
biological and spiritual data,
remain pristine,
relatively speaking

*For the Daily Post prompt, planet


during the poet’s
Autumnal Equinox
like leaves
are told “it’s time
to let go”
and like the tree
the mind severs and
encourages each leaf
away from the branches
that gave them birth
sending them on a new path
to become inspiration
for new growth

*For the Daily Post prompt, leaf


cloaked chaos
muted screams
worn on the face
in stress patterns
connecting visible lines
to invisible emotions
held within
by fake smiles

the gleam
in the eyes
long ago faded
a mere reflection
of the naked bulb
from a ceiling
barely left in tact
the brutality
of your
passing by

that wayward glance

that quiet whisper

these crumbs
won’t survive
the next storm

*For the Daily Post prompt, crumb