as Autumn
cleans up
for Winter’s arrival
i, too,
go to my garden of words
to pluck the dead poetry –
once blooming
but now infected
with life’s perversions –
and fertilize the tired soil
hoping the next seeds i plant
take root and blossom
for good


The Evolutionary Peculiarities of Poets

weird in ways
beyond understanding, sometimes
other times, familiar
glimpses of each other
in each other’s words
unique oddities
writing their own
bags of tricks
in a magic show
as old as cave paintings
visual poems
describing unintelligible
grunts and gestures

ah, poets
we’ve not changed much
over time
still grunting and gesturing
to make sense of the world
and our places in it

*For the Daily Post prompt, peculiar

A Poet’s Soul

your words,
scattered through
the universe
with sparkling ink,
form beautiful
p   o   e   t   r   y,
each unique syllable
shimmers in the
night sky,
to humankind
the essence
of your valiant soul

*For My Valiant Soul and her uniquely moving poetry, and for the Daily Post prompt, ‘shimmer