Home Is Where We Trip (Another Senryu)

*This poem is brought to you by a series of fortunate (yet unplanned) events.

Heart, broke and homeless,
shuffled along quietly
then fell over you


Stitches Can Be Removed & Other Sewing Tales

i had given up
traded my needles
and threads
for loneliness
and darkness
then you came along
i started falling for you
stitching every poem
with threads of feelings
growing inside
day and night
i toiled to keep up
with the heart’s spinning
churning out
the most beautiful pieces
but you weren’t fond
of the hues in the fabric
of my feelings
never wearing
what my heart
made with love
so, with the help of
regret’s shaking fingers
and sadness’ encouragement
i removed every stitch
and started over

*Been wanting to post this for a while but have not. I’ve moved on from a lot in my time in this world. After Reading Brandi’s, “Letting Stuff Go and Moving On“, I am inspired to share. Here’s to all of us who have had to remove the stitches from wounds, pick ourselves up and move on. Thank you, Queen B. 🙂