From Crumpled Thoughts (A Senryu)

Love crawled from the bin
made its way to a clean page
and inked itself there

*In response to the amazing Brandi Spain’s (Endangered Light) piece Writer’s Block.



as Autumn
cleans up
for Winter’s arrival
i, too,
go to my garden of words
to pluck the dead poetry –
once blooming
but now infected
with life’s perversions –
and fertilize the tired soil
hoping the next seeds i plant
take root and blossom
for good

On Dying – Autumn’s Acquiescence to Winter

smothered lungs
decay of dead leaf corpses
autumn Earth
succumbing to change
fading colours
naked limbs
branching towards tomorrow
where evolution
of frost will continue
to sever the
remaining ties
between this season
and whatever is next