The Relativity of Time

in our
space/time continuum
maximum warp speed
will still take
our words
an eternity
to reach
one another


Heaven Sent

from the dirt
of my existence
i felt warmth
in a beam of light
penetrate the roots
of despair

as i looked upwards
towards heaven
my eyes followed
the path from
your legs to your head
and i swear
there was a golden ring
hovering above you

maybe it was the sun refracting
around your dark hair

maybe it was light bending
around the squint of my eyes

maybe it was something else…

all i know
since that day
i’ve been smitten with
and enamoured by
everything below
that halo

New Moon (Collaboration)

After spending a decade traveling a lonesome road, I found a light. I followed that light and it led me to her love. Soon, our souls connected, our hearts connected, our minds connected. Now, our words connect. From our love, we have created and given birth to our first poetry baby. Its name is, NEW MOON. Cheers, Alex & Brandi

I broke up with the old moon last night –
it cried its stars, speckling the universe

I no longer need its light –
wane it did, out of site

And now,
as the old moon sits in the onyx sky,
alone in its cratered darkness,
being consoled by the stars –
whose eyes twinkle at a new moon –
I’ll be bathing in the love of new moon’s glow