My Star Trek (A Senryu)

headed for your star –
Soul is in the captain’s chair
as Heart navigates


The Blame Game

a series of
actions and reactions
decisions and consequences
blame not
the three weird sisters
for they neither
spin, measure nor cut
the threads of humanity
there are no virgin births (except for Jane)
and no ascensions (except for the cremated)
we are born
we die
and what happens before,
in between
and after is
not a conspiracy between
fate and destiny

*For the Daily Post prompt, coincidence


we are all
planets, collections of Lilliputian
grains, microscopic in
essence, clinging to one
another to form celestial
bodies that revolve
around the thermonuclear
souls at the centers of our
solar systems sharing
space with other souls in
galaxies billions of years
old, refined to reflect
the movement of
time, the evolution of
our external shells,
while our
cores, carrying our chemical,
biological and spiritual data,
remain pristine,
relatively speaking

*For the Daily Post prompt, planet

Extra! Extra!

i’ve read
all about it
there’s little
in this ‘oyster’ of mine
let alone extra
and this ‘stage’
has but too many players
and only one way out
so in the comfort
of my ragged womb
i return to the
fetal position
my benched bed
is too short
and i, yesterday’s news,
permanently crumpled
cannot find
the funnies
between the editorials
and back page ads
as a Rolex baring
wrist flicks a quarter
missing my tin can dreams