Ballrooms & Other Places to Dance

they danced
to the band
long after
the music stopped
then sat quietly
to rest their
weary feet
sipping in
one another’s
heart and soul
still twirling around
the universe of their love
all the time knowing
their dance
would never


On Dying – Autumn’s Acquiescence to Winter

smothered lungs
decay of dead leaf corpses
autumn Earth
succumbing to change
fading colours
naked limbs
branching towards tomorrow
where evolution
of frost will continue
to sever the
remaining ties
between this season
and whatever is next

The Poppy

red, the colour of blood,
spilled onto battlefields
in the name of freedom
donned now
by those who remember
the fallen

who, then,
will remember
those left behind;
those waiting with child
or left childless?
what colour of flower
will sustain the memories
of spouses, children, parents,
left with the haunting memories
of clergy and officer
arriving at the door?

i wear the poppy today,
not only for those lost in battle
but for those
whose lives were forever altered
by the scars of war

*In honour of all who have served and still serve; in memory of those who gave their lives; for all those living with loss… Lest We Forget!