An Indigestion of Thoughts

i eat shards of words
the razor edges of their
indigestible syllables
gouge and tear through
the lining of my chaotic mind
spilling a splatter of thoughts
onto a tied and troubled tongue
where the acidic bile of anguish
burns and scars until
words cannot be tasted
so i vomit them
onto callous hands
whose piercing pen
inks a tiring tirade of
ungratefulness into the ether
before it is exsanguinated
and suffocated
between sociopathic fingers
and the devil is quelled
until the next urge rises
devouring any chance of mercy

*For the Daily Post prompt, mercy


A Poet’s Soul

your words,
scattered through
the universe
with sparkling ink,
form beautiful
p   o   e   t   r   y,
each unique syllable
shimmers in the
night sky,
to humankind
the essence
of your valiant soul

*For My Valiant Soul and her uniquely moving poetry, and for the Daily Post prompt, ‘shimmer