Sometimes, I Bring You Flowers

i pick fresh flowers
from love’s garden
gather them in the heart’s apron
and lay them near your pillow
so when you wake
you can bathe
in the scent
of love’s essence



as Autumn
cleans up
for Winter’s arrival
i, too,
go to my garden of words
to pluck the dead poetry –
once blooming
but now infected
with life’s perversions –
and fertilize the tired soil
hoping the next seeds i plant
take root and blossom
for good

An Indigestion of Thoughts

i eat shards of words
the razor edges of their
indigestible syllables
gouge and tear through
the lining of my chaotic mind
spilling a splatter of thoughts
onto a tied and troubled tongue
where the acidic bile of anguish
burns and scars until
words cannot be tasted
so i vomit them
onto callous hands
whose piercing pen
inks a tiring tirade of
ungratefulness into the ether
before it is exsanguinated
and suffocated
between sociopathic fingers
and the devil is quelled
until the next urge rises
devouring any chance of mercy

*For the Daily Post prompt, mercy

On Dying – Autumn’s Acquiescence to Winter

smothered lungs
decay of dead leaf corpses
autumn Earth
succumbing to change
fading colours
naked limbs
branching towards tomorrow
where evolution
of frost will continue
to sever the
remaining ties
between this season
and whatever is next

The Way I Write You (Not An Allusion)

every time
i close my eyes
every time
i open them
you become the poetry
of my soul’s dreams
for you are
the un-metered, un-rhymed
metaphor in my lines
slipping across the page
like the personified simile in my step
adorning the images
my heart desperately tries to paint
with vivid colours
alliterating my vision
with perfect poetic poise
ending each thought of you i pen
with an ellipses promise
that there’s an infinite
universe of words
to come…


sacred is
what we share

our temple made
of moon-kissed dreams

our scriptures threaded
together by wedded souls
with hearts’ sinew

our altar built
from the promised, burning desires
within poetry’s lines

sacred is
the love we share
as we worship
in peace
the sanctity
of us