Based On A True Story

i left flowers
on her door step
she didn’t water them
they died


14 thoughts on “Based On A True Story”

  1. First, this is a beautiful poem. It conveys unrequited love brilliantly. Second I admired your work and commented when I used the pseudonym, Clay. The truth is that I blogged using my real name six years ago and I was blown away by the talent present on WordPress then. But one by one the younger writers who had incredible potential gave up, and the older ones whose support I’ll always cherish sadly died. I deleted my blog too and also offended many of my followers because my mind swings like a pendulum, but came back until I got sick of it all, and tore my poetry and threw it in the dustbin. I vowed never to write again because of trials and struggles with depression. I came back after the toughest challenge in my life and wrote as Clay. I used a sharp aesthetic because anger was my muse. But I deleted that blog and preserved only the poems that included my flaws. So, I think it’s time I introduce myself to you properly. My name is Nitin, and I’m glad I found your blog. Your use of the figurative is beautiful. Keep writing.

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    1. Nitin, it is nice to meet you and I remember you as Clay. I also understand your story because it is a familiar one. Just know you are not alone in this writing world. I am humbled by your kind words about my poetry and I applaud your honesty in revealing who you are. Peace and joy to you!!

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