The Things We Can’t See

i offered only my words
the only thing i have left
to give

i didn’t realize
until it was too late
you were looking for more


26 thoughts on “The Things We Can’t See”

  1. Sharp! What more could we give beyond words that is something that has triggered my mind also.
    I wonder the most beautiful things are words and if our words are not making sense, there is nothing left to give for words are the powerful tool.
    You surely know this and might have experienced for you have written it once again with audacity!
    Last line” you were looking for more” is really hash and pinching I feel.
    It hurts a lot when the other person is not getting the worth of our words as for each wird us divine, precious like magic.

    Thank you for sharing this, Alex. I always turn to your work as yours is the truest and honest of all.

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    1. Thank you, Devika, for your insights into the importance of words. As you said, what we share isn’t always understood by those we write to or for. Sometimes, the intent of of words is missed and people have different expectations. Your focus on the last line is warranted as it is the crux of my piece – the other person wanted more than words and words were all I had to share.

      I am humbled that you turn to my work and find it true and honest. That is all the poet can ask for. Thank you, so much Devika!!

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  2. Many, many words have to be exchanged before words become less important. Millions. What could be more than words? Actions, I suppose, but if you can’t act, you can’t. It’s the way of things.
    Barista, eh? I’ve been one of those before, for two years. Fun. It’s an art. 😉

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      1. Fresh is a matter of perspective. I think most people can’t tell the difference, based on recurring memes, sayings and music. They think they came up with it. Even my work is Oscar Wilde and a thesaurus, placed into a blender, then poured over my keyboard. Or liquidizer, if you’re Eastern Hemisphere, which you’re not, because you said ‘college’ not ‘university’.

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      2. True! Most people consume with additives like milk, cream, sugar and other things I am still learning to pronounce (that Starbucks lingo thingy). Now that you mention it, I did find a hint of wild mix in your words but thought it was a piece of undigested turnip. Yes, Western and north it is – good catch.

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