Static, White Noise and Death

the cacophony of colours
and blurred hues of syncopated sounds
contract and expand between
the synaptic bursts of neurons
eyelids flutter
competing in a race
against fibrillated time
until the incessant needling
of a flat___________ line
breaks the silence
chaos before calm


15 thoughts on “Static, White Noise and Death”

      1. Thanks, Yassy, I will. Yes, smelling them in my yard amid the falling rain. A favourite past time of mine. Btw, your Bereft has inspired me to write. I will post it now! Enjoy the remaining hours of your Sunday, my friend πŸ™‚

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  1. An experiment that worked wonders. Though I cannot assume that I have fully understood this one, I must say this is a fresh departure from what I generally get to read. And there is a dearth of writers who make you think. Your poetry is moving, it moves both the buckles of my heart as well as the cogs of my mind. You are a seriously dangerously beautiful writer.

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    1. Thank you, my friend, for those kind and generous words. I wanted to juxtapose what is usually expected, in the first two lines (cacophony is linked to sound and hues colours, but you know that) to demonstrate how the mind works while under tremendous stress. This is what I experienced the moment my wife passed as I stood in the room unable to do anything but wait (while coming undone inside). This is written from her perspective and is what I imagine death to be like.


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