the dull ache
in bones laid bare
fractured lines tell
tall tales
that aren’t really
that tall
closer to the floor

but dull
it remains
and fractured still
the hours
between waking from nightmares
and falling into them
reality for too many
not ‘i can’t afford this
five foot flat screen’ poor
but real
like ‘i have no wall
to put that tv on because
i live outside the walls’ poor

amid the gold and silver trim
of those who can but
decide not to

waiting to shine

*Inspired by Yassy’s ‘bereft


19 thoughts on “Lackluster”

  1. This poem really resonated with me. I especially liked this part,
    “tall tales
    that aren’t really
    that tall
    closer to the floor
    Great word choice. A heartfelt poem that says to so much about life experiences.

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  2. Just wanted to make sure I followed along correctly haha, Yassy’s poem describe the awful conditions of the homeless and how hopeless their situations can seem, and in response this depicts how that that hopelessness is translatable to even the wealthiest, in the state of their minds,

    among the gold and silver trim
    Of those who can but
    Decide not to

    waiting to shine”

    Even with polluted minds, though, only that small flint is necessary to spark some good chance and choices.

    Beautiful poems to both of you!!

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    1. I think you have hit on what was in the corner of my mind, Pharaoh. The last lines were left as they were to leave it to the imagination of the reader but you’ve read into my intent perfectly. Sometimes, there is a conscious decision not to give and that is a shame, however, you are right, it doesn’t take much to change that. Thanks for the close read and great comments!

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      1. I went to Budapest for a week in March, and saw this homeless guy sniffing rotten food out of dumpsters while walking home at like 2 AM. I gave him 500 forint which is like $2 but definitely enough for a meal the next day. Didn’t feel like I had a choice not to give him something, although you’re right that is a choice, and it is absolutely awful if someone were to make it in a situation like this.

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      2. That’s a great story of how even a little gesture can make a small difference. I was raised by parents who always demonstrated giving and so have become just like you in this story. I’ve come to realize I only need enough to live and if I can help make someone’s life a little more positive then there is no price on that.

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