When A Heart Breaks…

a falling tree
makes a sound
no matter in which forest
it falls
even if there
is no one around
to hear it
but when a
heart breaks
it makes
no sound
yet its screams
the heartbroken


21 thoughts on “When A Heart Breaks…”

  1. Oh my God! “A heart that breaks makes no sound”, he wrote a song with this line. This kind of silence is so deafening right? You are in your element through and through. I like how you have used a tree and a heart to drive home the hypothesis of sound vis-Γ -vis silence. Most intriguing. Well done, my friend.

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    1. He must be a fan of David Francey(a folk singer from Ontario), too, then This line is taken from the Waking Hour in which Francey says ‘And the heart, that breaks, never makes a sound.’ I have all his albums and love the simplicity of the poetry.

      Anyway, it’s also a take on the Paul Simon piece, Sound of Silence. I’m a folk music junkie. πŸ™‚

      Thanks for your kind words and insights, again, my friend.


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