whilst i
scar-tremble through
the black thorn bushes
of today,
droplets of me
i leave behind
to nourish
the starving flowers,
hoping that tomorrow
they will blossom
to display
the most vibrant


13 thoughts on “Dormant”

  1. For starters, I have missed reading you. The opening line is a ballistic missile that hits hard right at the heart of the reader. The black thorn bushes of today – so so telling. The pain one experiences today isn’t always blinding. The hurt can heal itself if we are sanguine enough to let nature take its course. Great message, Percy.

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      1. And now that I’m privy to certain things, I like this poem even better the second time around. My take on this poem was only as good as my understanding which can be limited. And you’re very welcome.


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