Final Movement

when you took your last breath
the woodwinds were quietly hushed
the strings tucked themselves away
the percussion’s thunder stilled
the symphony ended

*For the Daily Post prompt: symphony


43 thoughts on “Final Movement”

  1. This is one of those pieces I’d say, has been orchestrated with such fine immaculate artistry that the spectator is left sighing and a bit at sea simply because the topic is so sad but the rendition is so good. For this piece, I could title you the divine conductor. Such lovely metaphorization even the metaphors must be feeling lucky. Wonderful, Percy. May the beautiful soul rest in eternal peace and the symphony of your love reverberate across the Cosmos.

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      1. Thank you but frankly “puns” were the last thing on my mind when I wrote about how this piece moved me. This is how I talk generally. And you’re welcome.


      1. Percy – I have a piece I’ve penned which I’m putting up tomorrow. Will you accept it as my dedication to the love you shared?
        (and if you’d like to preview it before, I can send it to you on mail)

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