As I Read…

every poem
you wrote
to me
has become
a paper sword
and each line
cuts deep
in a heart
that is perpetually


33 thoughts on “As I Read…”

  1. My sincere apologies for my stalkerish tendency to binge on Much of your Poetry in such a short time. For me at least it has taken a good 2 hours to read just your September and August Poems. Truly, All are Masterpieces of such Poetic Awesomeness. Finally, I must say the following, though it matters maybe just a little even here in this online world of Writing and Poetry…

    My top 5 Poet Laureate of these times I would say are Neha (forgottenmeadows), Anita Lubesh (As It Comes), Projectwords11, You, percolatingpoetry and Kunal Thakore. Truly Excellent Poets are YOU ALL. (@–>–)
    (@–>–) (@–>–) (@–>–) (@–>–) (@–>–)


    1. Hi there! You don’t have to apologize. I am humbled by the beautiful words you have shared, the time you have spent on my blog today and by your mentioning me with these other great writers. Thank you, so very much!


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