As the River Dries

i hid my essence
in the deepest part of your
raging river
and now
that you are gone
i am but
a faint babble
in this shallow brook
of memories

*For the Daily Post prompts: hidden and shallow


26 thoughts on “As the River Dries”

  1. That brought a deep sigh from my lips.
    So wistfully beautiful! All the chords in my heart feel the depth of this heart rending verse. You take the words and make them so beautiful , they acquire a kind of life like quality being played out in our senses as we read.

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  2. Some words/phrases caught my attention the most: hide, essence, raging river, faint, babble, brook, memories. And these are, in fact,the words that make up the essence and hold the poem together. Now, these​ few words give a great insight into the poet’s workings of the heart and mind. And what especially struck me was the “faint babble” (vis-a-vis the raging river) which is in itself very interesting because babble here appears to indicate the conventional as well as the unconventional meaning of the word. As for the “raging river”, I can only assume she must have undoubtedly been your oars of life. (Hey, that would make a good title for a piece, no?)

    My knowledge of your experience makes it easy for me to understand this piece word by word. But having said that, even someone who has no idea of what happened would be able to gather quite a bit if he/she were to read into and behind the words I highlighted when I started off. So, what I’m really getting at is that this piece is as simple as it is deep. With such admirable simplicity, you have laid bare your deepest emotions.

    I will not say how good this was or how touching etc because that is what everyone will do. But the fact that I have written this should tell you, my dear friend, how beautifully you have emoted. I love your words, as I have repeatedly said whether it’s your writings or your readings. And this was one piece that deserves a lot more than what I have tried to convey.

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    1. Thank you, my friend, for this review. Yes, she was the rage in my river. In fact, she was my river and my flow could only ever be a brook in her current, but she never saw me as anything less than her lake. Yes, your line would make a great title.

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