Missing Variables (Solving for Y)

life became
a beautiful equation
after we met

(xx + xy) = happiness

then you left

(xy – xx) = sadness

now i am but
an unsolved equation:
the sum of
our memories (m),
divided by death (D),
minus those memories
we will never make (-m)

   xx + xy        =    WHY
xx (D)(- m)


29 thoughts on “Missing Variables (Solving for Y)”

  1. This is one hell of a piece!! The math bit was quite clever but the sum part was deeply touching and “the memories we will never make” blew me away. We are but the sum of our experiences and to get to know your experiences little by little through your writings is the division of the sum. Gosh I’m making no sense. But what I love the most about your poetry is it is real. You know how important that is? To be real in a world where more than half the things is fabrication. Great work, Percy! You are clearly a poet in the true sense of the word. May your pen always bleed with the essence of truth and beauty.

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    1. Thank you, Nandita. I can only write honestly and since her departure I am the remainder of this divided relationship. You are right, we are all the sum of our experiences and that includes those with whom we connect. Thank you for reading and connecting. I will never show my whole self for most of me no longer belongs to me, however, I will share the parts I can. Thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts. I really appreciate it.

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      1. I am glad to have connected ted with you. In this melee of strangers, it feels good to find some of your own. And yes,honesty is beauty. That’s the reason I never miss any of your writings. I cannot afford to. It’s so difficult to find someone who writes with such honesty it makes me believe in poetry even more than what I already do. I’m grateful to be able to read you. And I mean that with all sincerity. As for shoeing the whole self, the Japanese say there are three faces to every person: one for the world, one for family and close friends, and the last for only the self. I agree bit I also believe that there are two sides to every writer: the seen and the unseen. I suppose no matter how hard we try, we become transparent to a great extent without intending to be so. That’s the good or bad thing about poetry. We lay ourselves bare to those who take the time and interest to read us closely., hence making ourselves vulnerable. Now, whether that is good or bad is debatable and a totally different matter altogether. All in all,poetry let’s us breathe, it let’s us talk to ourselves, it let’s us converse with the universe and thereby helps us narrate bits and sometimes all of those conversations. Of course, this would be relatable only to deep poets. And I know you are one.

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      2. I am happy you read me but I am sure you’ve missed some during your busy life of government analysis and child raising. It’s good to read and to be read and while we show ourselves (to some extent, at least the parts we let slip through our words), we can guard the most sacred parts of our being. Thanks for connecting and for the generous comments.


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