Heigh Ho, Heigh Ho…

poets work in tandem
day and night,
toiling to turn thoughts
into semblances of
understood reality,
their inks
spilling in harmony
to write
the essence of life

*For the Daily Post prompt: harmonize


31 thoughts on “Heigh Ho, Heigh Ho…”

  1. I think reality is relative and the ‘understood’ reality is what really stands out here. Harmonizing thoughts and words is what we all strive for and you do it essentially well. Nicely done!

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      1. Precisely my point! It’s in the meaning where the essence lies…..
        As a friend says, enjoying my Sunday nothing yayness before it pulls up its socks too soon for mundane monday! And you’re most welcome.

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    1. I love using allusion and hope many would recognize it. As a child, I spent many, many Sundays watching Disney shows and these things help shape how we relate to the world. We carry our memories and some days they flood us. Awe, I really love this title. I am not one for labels and such but this I want to keep. I want to print this and place it on my journal where I write my poetry. Thanks, Yassy, for being such an in-tune reader and wonderful poet and for sharing, always, your love and passion for all things, with me πŸ™‚

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  2. I really loved ‘Understood reality’ too as Nandita pointed out. I also saw something pretty interesting towards the end.

    Their Ink
    Spilling in harmony
    To write
    The essence of life

    Our ink, the blood or pain in our hearts, helps us find peace as we go to work on our poems. And that is essence of life, accepting and coping with our pain and inevitable death, but trying to live it to the fullest in the process. Can’t have one without the other. Very nice poem Percy πŸ™‚

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