The Somnambulist Soul

each night
i drift in restless slumber,
my soul rises
and walks forever
among the weary travelers
searching for homes within the stars,
in hopes of catching a glimpse
of your radiant aura

each night
i return from
my state of quiescence
empty and sad
but hopeful that
the next time
i will find you


28 thoughts on “The Somnambulist Soul”

  1. The title is a great one to begin with, and a rather interesting choice of words. The personification here is fantastic in the way you have used it. Somnambulist soul…that’s something I never thought of. How about an insomniac soul somnambulisting? That would be quite the complex juxtaposition, right?
    A restless soul sleepwalking and probably sleeptalking too. It’s quite an image. (Me in thinking mode…)

    Oh and it is also beautiful in the way you reaffirm that hope resurfaces. It also reminded me of your recent piece where you talk about the sun dying every evening and arising anew the next day. Or something along those lines.
    This piece made me think as much as your previous one did (about the Swallow). Your poetry makes me think a lot. It’s a wonderful stimuli.

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    1. Thanks so much for the in depth review of this piece. I like to think of things in different ways (my head writer shining through) while holding on to those true feelings inside. Taking dreams and making them into something tangible isn’t always easy to do. I spend a lot of time thinking about the thoughts I have while awake or asleep and try to make sense of them all. If we believe in the soul then the soul never really sleeps – it is a perpetual energy. So I thought, yeah, a sleepwalking soul makes sense. I guess that would leave the insomniac soul like the somnambulist soul, both wandering in search of something as the body laid dormant.

      The hope isn’t always present though I try to incorporate it because it’s my positive nature to do so. It’s like lying to yourself or trying to convince yourself that all is well when it really isn’t. But we must not dwell on things and we must move forward, no matter how difficult. And yes, the Renewal piece is one of hope as well – nice memory.

      I wonder how this piece reminded you of The Swallow’s Tale. Do share!

      Thanks again for the in depth commentary.


      1. You are welcome. I didn’t really do as in-depth as I would have liked to though. And yes the soul is a perpetual energy but the idea of putting it together with somnabulism had never occurred to me (wish it had). Positivity is a wonderful trait, something I make a constant effort to hold. Not always easy. Moving ahead is possible only in so far the shackles disappear. Which again takes a lot of courage and perseverance, I suppose. Remaining sanguine though is important.
        This piece did not remind me The Swallow’s Tale, sorry if I didn’t make myself clear enough. What I meant was, that piece too was very thought provoking (I did not comment on that, though) just like this made me think.

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      2. I’d really love to hear your complete thoughts on the piece, if you are interested in sharing them. Having my words analysed is invigorating . I agree that we all come across ideas we wish we had thought of. Sometimes the best we can do is enjoy the ones we find and take it as inspiration.

        Oh, I am sorry, I thought you said it reminded you, My mistake. I guess all poetry does not require analysis though it is all thought provoking to some extent, positive or negative.

        However, in all of this, it is good to think for thinking leads to ideas and ideas lead to writing and writing leads to reading and enjoying. So think away! ๐Ÿ™‚

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      3. You sure? I can be extremely perceptive – fair warning. Lol.
        Okay I will tell you this: I linked your two pieces and well.. read them in connection with each other, although you may not have intended them to be so. Independent yet dependant on one another somehow. Does that make sense to you?

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      4. Be as perceptive as you wish and while I understand you made a connection, the two pieces have nothing in common except that they were written chronologically.

        The Somnambulist Soul was written for my dearly departed wife after dreaming of her night after night. The Swallow’s Tale was written about recent events where two friends stopped being friends and it seems I was the inadvertent catalyst for the dissolving friendship.

        Although, I would love to hear your take on both!


      5. Yes I got that. And I got the other that as well. But what I seem to be failing to get across is, sometimes you get a perspective completely different from the one you have. It’s like sometimes, the people around you can tell you about you better than you can. Or how a mirror works. This is debatable and you don’t have to agree.
        Now, even if we were to discuss the Swallow’s Tale, which I didn’t want to,

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      6. sure thing, continue away

        but remember that what we often see in another’s work is a reflection of ourselves so our dreams, fears, hopes, biases, etc. become reflected, like a mirror ๐Ÿ™‚


      7. Well, I don’t think you want me to continue, which is totally okay.

        I wouldn’t completely agree on that. I hope you’re open minded like I am.

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      8. I’m not sure if this is the appropriate platform, oh well, to hell with that.
        So, anyway, moving on from where I left, if we were to discuss the Swallows Tale, it could br

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