Passing Stars

we passed one another –
stars shooting
in the night sky –
our trails mingled
but for a moment

now i’m left savoring
the dust lingering
in my eyes

*For the Daily Post prompt: Savor


25 thoughts on “Passing Stars”

      1. Oh boy, that’s a shame but don’t you worry, there’s always a first😁😂. When was the last time you did something for the first time? (Rhetorical!). To me, all your pieces are gems one after the another. You are a beautiful poet!

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      2. Well, okay, this is a first. There is a palpable sexuality to your image. The finger on the lip and the look in your eyes tell a deep story of a burning desire just waiting to explode uncontrollably. I hope this doesn’t shock you.

        And, to answer your question (even if it is rhetorical 🙂 ), writing on this blog is a first for me. Publicly commenting on poetry is a first for me. Sharing bits of myself to the world is a first to me.

        Thank you for calling me a beautiful poet. i appreciate that!

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      3. I’ve no judgement one way or the other. We are who we are and we portray how we portray. I don’t know if you appear that way in all your images but the one you posted may represent chaos but perhaps in a difference sense than you intended 🙂

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