the nagging throb
in the pit of
my empty stomach, and
the pulsating ache
in the depths of
my broken heart,
gossip as i
walk among letters,
words, lines,
and stanzas
that whisper to me
in familiar ways

please forgive me
for being unable
to quell
this restless soul
and to soothe
the loneliness
welling inside

i will keep trying
i promise


18 thoughts on “Guilt”

      1. I wish you well and I wish you forget your sadness but you cannot because you lost your loved one. This is tragic. Life tests all of us. You will meet her in a much better place , in heaven , and I am sure she lives with you in spirit. Your love is so beautiful. And that’s the reason such awesome poetry comes from your quill.

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      2. Your words moved me earlier. Thank you, so, so much. It’s been very difficult but since opening my blog I’ve been doing much better. This is an exceptional outlet and I am so very grateful to have met you. I am humbled beyond words by your heartfelt response. Thank you, sweet friend!

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      3. I know it’s difficult and because of that we go ahead in life, I think all of us here are struggling in some way or the other ! I am so happy you are here and I am so very happy that you feel better after being here. I can almost see you smiling. That is a good thought. On that smiling thought , I will rush off , lol busy day ahead.

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