Tidal Thoughts

night falls

thoughts rise
to the surface
like sea water desperately
reaching to touch a full moon

soon i will be
totally consumed
drowning in the past


12 thoughts on “Tidal Thoughts”

  1. The sea listens to and waits for the call of the moon. The sea (poet) “desperately waiting to touch the full moon” says a lot about its need for the call. And then the “soon I’ll be consumed drowning in the past” rues the lack of it.
    The dubiousness (for want of a better word) of the moon and the loyalty of the sea, both depictions are quite sigh-worthy.
    And then there are other interpretations too..

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    1. I am always interested in how others see poetry. How we interpret often reflects our own experiences, biases and deep rooted thoughts, perhaps even subconscious ones. I like this interpretation of my words and the way you focus on the sea and the moon. I would be interested in any other interpretations you may have.

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      1. My other interpretation is precisely linked to the deep rooted feelings you just mentioned. I focused on the sea and moon the first time. This time I will focus on the primary verbs: drown and consume.
        The phrase ‘drowning in the past’ , well, we don’t really know if it is out of choice, for sometimes people do not want to move on. Or if the poet is helplessly being pulled backwards by the machinations of the mind. The trickiest bit, to me, was the “consumed” bit. It has both positive and negative connotations. But here, failing to keep the head above water (either as a matter of choice or helplessness) leading to being consumed eventually is misleading; the reader is left mulling as to whether being consumed is what the poet truly looks forward to, since there is no more desire left. Graceful acceptance or helplessness resignation?!

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      2. Another interesting interpretation. Drown and consume are more connected to the intent of the piece. Losing my wife, the love of my life, the only one I ever loved as I did, was difficult. She remains a part of all that I do and so, like the moon pulls the tide, I pull memories of her to the surface and allow myself to be consumed by them. I guess I am drowning in the memory of our love. In essence, I am a willing victim to such consumption and in the end it’s ‘graceful acceptance’. Thanks for the interpretations – I really enjoyed reading them.

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  2. A very disheartening image beautifully depicted. Initially felt enveloped with nostalgia not sure as to why, and now understand from the comments. I’m so sorry for your loss! I can’t imagine what that must be like 😦 Good vibes your way my friend!

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