In the Quiet Morning Hours

the tingle in my spine
the hairs standing on my neck
the goosebumps marching along my arms
the extra beat in my heart
remind me
that you
are waiting
for me
and that even death
cannot destroy


32 thoughts on “In the Quiet Morning Hours”

      1. No, I can’t like this, but I am glad you shared , it’s terrible , I am not going to say something mundane like, I am so sorry. That is so silly. You know your pain, my friend. Time is the greatest healer but memories are good. Oh! Now I feel weepy. What happened to her. But you were lucky to know love.

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      1. Very kind. Thank you. I think you’ll find some stuff that is similar in thought to what I’ve just been reading on your site. Really enjoying your writing – raw and honest.

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  1. OMG, wow! Wish we’d all get to experience a love like your’s and also wish I could capture feelings in poetry like you do. A pleasure to meet you, even if it’s virtually and God bless you & your pen!

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    1. I am rendered speechless. I admit, I am lucky to have found a love such as hers. Even in death, she hold me tightly and constant reminds me to be a better man. And now, here, I am humbled by your kind words. It is a pleasure to meet you, too, kind sir. I will have to see who is at the end of this name. Thank you!!!

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