More Than…

i’d like to say
you were my moon and stars
but the moon and stars
wish they were so lucky


7 thoughts on “More Than…”

  1. This is more brilliant than you think it is.
    P.S. Please don’t mind but you have an uncanny similarity in terms of style with someone I know very closely.

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    1. Oh gosh, brilliant. There’s a word I don’t often hear. And no worries, I’ve worked really hard to steal, I mean develop, this style of writing. I am a fan of minimalist poets so that’s who I have been reading on and off for many years so somewhere along the way I’ve become them.

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      1. Micro poetry was not really my thing until I fell in love with a poet who excelled/excels in this form. And now, I’ve become him. We all become someone or the other somehow, whether we see it or not, no?
        And yes, some brilliant posts. Keep percolating..

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      2. I love micro poetry because I love challenges and trying to examine the human experience in a few lines can be quite challenging. To become someone is extraordinary so lucky him I would say. You are so kind to say that, again.

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